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Check out our tasty selection of the best retro sweets ever made! Everything from Flying Saucers, Blackjacks and Fruitsalads to Sherbet Fountains, Dip Dabs and WHAM Bars. These classic retro sweets will be sure to fill you with those fond memories of your treasured childhood.

Our retro sweets can take you down the memory lane if you ever had th...

Check out our tasty selection of the best retro sweets ever made! Everything from Flying Saucers, Blackjacks and Fruitsalads to Sherbet Fountains, Dip Dabs and WHAM Bars. These classic retro sweets will be sure to fill you with those fond memories of your treasured childhood.

Our retro sweets can take you down the memory lane if you ever had this old-fashioned flavour in your taste buds- the sweets of 80’s. The gorgeous Drumstick Lollies, exciting Sherbet Fountains, or the fascinating Dib Dabs are some retro sweets to take pleasure in and below are catalogued mouth-watering candies as well as the retro sweets you crave for. When you are shopping for gift items like hampers, boxes, etc from one spot, then My Candy Shop is your one stop shop for all types of Retro Sweets.


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  • Double Dip - Orange and Cherry Flavour Fizz with a Swizzel Stick

  •   Dip Dab – If you grew up in the 70’s then you will remember the retro sweets called Sherbet Dip Dabs as if it were yesterday. These original Dip Dabs made by barratts are filled with a white fizzy sherbet and includes a strawberry flavoured lolly for dipping. 

  •   Sherbet Fountains – a favourite and classic retro sweet of all ages is the sherbet fountains. White fizzy sherbet cased in a brightly coloured yellow and red plastic tube and a dipping stick made out of the best black liquorice around, the sherbet fountain will have you dipping again and again.    

  • Cherry Fizz Wiz Popping Candy

  •   Fizz Wiz Popping Candy – snap, crackle, pop! No it isn’t Rice Krispies but the fizz wiz popping candy. Fizz Wiz explodes as soon as it touches your tongue and crackles into nothingness. Why not go out with a bang and add some Fizz Wiz into your ice cream or any other pudding for that matter?  

  • Fizz Wiz - Cola Flavour Popping Candy

  •   Flying Saucers – Another all time classic. Retro Flying Saucers are made from edible paper with a mouth watering sherbet centre. Perfect to give you those retro sweets nostalgic fix.

  •   Candy Sticks (AKA Candy Cigarettes) – These fruity flavoured candy sticks have been a huge hit with children for generations. 

  •     Refreshers – Refresher Chews truly are iconic retro sweets that are sure to bring back nostalgic memories of your youth. This lemon chew has a hidden white fizzy sherbet in the centre which is perfect to get your mouth watering.

  •   Fruit Salads – From the greatest era of british retro sweets, these raspberry and pineapple flavour Fruit Salad chews are another of those unforgettable iconic retro sweets from the 80s. 

  •   Blackjacks –  One of the all time best of British retro sweets has got to be the classic Blackjacks. Their strong aniseed chewy flavour has been the staple of every child’s mix up for decades. 

  • Love Hearts – Love Heart sweets are one of the most popular retro sweets from Swizzels Matlow. Each sweet has an individual message embedded on its front, from Hot Stuff to I Love You.

  •   Mini Love Hearts by Swizzels Matlow - These mini love heart packs are perfect fillers for party bags, wedding favors or a small gift for a loved one.   

  •   Retro Candy Necklace – Small hard candy retro sweets on a string made to drape yourself and others in these too good to eat candy necklaces. Perfect for kids party bags and hen nights.  

  •   Candy whistles – a novelty fruity flavoured candy in a plastic whistle, these candy whistles really are the perfect party bag sweet treats for all ages. Remembering the “toot sweets” from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, these candy whistles are the perfect match and a highly addictive novelty with young children.   

  •   Candy Lipsticks – these Candy Lipsticks are sure to give you girls the sweet pulling power. The fruity retro sweets flavour in a lipstick style case made by the ever so popular Swizzles Matlow are surrounded by a cute Love Heart paper, go on don’t be shy buy yourself something totally sweet with the Candy lipsticks.

  •   Double Lollies – Double Lollies truly are a classic retro sweet and a must have for any retro sweets lover. 

  •   Candy Watches – these Candy Watches are so much fun and kids of all ages will love them just as much as we all did in our younger days.    

  •   Fireball Jawbreakers - Do you ever wonder what it would be like to breathe fire but without the horrible taste? Well now you can with the fireball jawbreakers, these jawbreakers are devilishly hot to the tongue, are you hot enough to get to the yummy sweet bubblegum centre? Go on try these fireball jawbreakers today and take the challenge   

  •   Jelly Foam Mushrooms - Chewy Mushroom Retro Sweets. Unfortunately the classic Chewits Foam Mushrooms are no longer available due to the manufacturers who have stopped producing them. These jelly version are a great alternative and still scrumptious none the less.  

  •   Pink Shrimps – The pale pink look and the soft feel of the shrimps is enough to make anyone’s mouth water at the sight of these too good to be true shrimps.   

  •   Tattoo bubblegum – tattoo bubblegum really is a blast from the past and very retro. Remember the sweet flavour of the bubblegum and then having a little tattoo? Showing off your tattoo and being the cool kid at the school disco or playground. Go on be daring and have some fun.   

  •   Drumstick lollies – With their iconic red, yellow and green wrappers these original raspberry and creamy flavour drumstick lollies are a real blast from the past. Fun Facts: Drumstick Lollys were launched in 1957 Mr Trevor Matlow was experimenting with a new wrapping machine and discovered that is was possible to make a 2...

  •   Anglo Bubbly – the sweet taste of Anglo Bubbly gum never goes out of fashion. These chunky discs of pink mouth watering bubblegum are big enough to blow the godfather of all bubbles.

  •   Kola Kubes – here we have other brilliant retro sweets the kola kubes. These kola kubes are perfect for all of you cola fanatics out there, the sugar coated hard boiled sweet kola kubes have the ultimate chewy centre and topped up with a little more cola flavour.

  •   Rainbow dust – these bright multicoloured plastic straws are full of fruity and fizzy flavoured sherbet. Rainbow dust is perfect to knock back in one or to lick and dip with your fingers to enjoy the fizzy taste. Ideal for goody bags or just as a sweet fizzy treat for you?

  •   Gobstoppers  

  •   Dracula Teeth (AKA) Fangs – Have you ever wanted to be a vampire? Well now you can with these super yummy Dracula teeth, these retro sweets really are fang-tastic. 

  •   Vanilla and Coconut Flavoured Bon bons with a Chewy Toffee Centre

  •   Strawberry Flavour Bon Bons with a Chewy Toffee Centre

  •   Sherbet Pips – these tiny sherbet pips have been among classic retro sweets for years and years with their tantalizing sherbet fizz. Pop in a handful and away you go.

  •   Beer Bottles –  Beer flavoured Jelly Sweets 

  •   Lemon Flavour Bon Bons with a Chewy Toffee Centre  

  •   Rhubarb and Custards – the rhubarb and custard hard boiled sweet is yet another classic retro sweet enjoyed for generations. These tasty retro sweets will fulfil your sweet cravings instantly.

  •   Strawberry Flavour Retro Sweets with a Sherbet Centre

  •   Bumper Banana Retro Sweets Made By Barratts

  •   Milk Teeth - Strawberry and Vanilla Flavour Teeth Shaped Retro Sweets Covered In Powder.

  •   ABC Candy Letters – with a range of fruit flavoured candy sweets these ABC candy letters are perfect for all occasions from weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries you name it you can use these yummy ABC candy letters. 

  •   Classic Milk Gums Covered in Powder - Made by Barratts

  •   Swizzels Mini Fizzers - Fruity flavour fizzy retro sweets

  • Raspberry and Vanilla Flavour Nougat with Peanuts

  • Fruit Flavour Frosties - Hard Candy with a Chewy Centre

  • Kola Frosties - Hard Candy with a Chewy Centre

  •   Retro Bazooka Joe Bubblegum

  • Rainbow Dust Sugar Coated Puffed Maize and Rice made by Swizzels Matlow Fun Facts: Rainbow drops were launched pre-war. Swizzels matlow produced 14 million bags of rainbow drops lasy year alone.  That's enough to fill 25 olympic size swimming pools.

  • Retro Refreshers - Fruity Flavour Fizzy retro sweets with natural flavours and colours 

  • Strawberry Flavour Refresher Chew Bar with a Sherbet Centre by Swizzels Matlow

  • Original Lemon Flavour Refresher Chew Bar with a Sherbet Centre by Swizzels Matlow

  •   Mini Parma Violets

  • Giant Sized Perfumed Parma Violets Retro Sweets by Swizzels Matlow Fun Facts: Launched in the 1930's. In 2003, due to the love hate relationship people have with parma violets swizzels matlow considered changing the recipe but after public out cry kept the original recipe.

  • Vanilla Flavoured Fluffy Mallow Twist

  •   Sweet Peanuts – these sweet peanuts are among one of those retro sweets that will instantly take you back to memories of being in the queue for the sweetshop and literally tasting them in your mouth as you could smell them. Perfectly shaped like a monkey nut the sweet peanuts contain a cracknel centre – seriously yummy!

  •   Liquorice Comfits - Small Candy Covered Liquorice Strips

  •     Sherbet Lemons – honestly what a classic these retro sweets are! The sherbet lemons consist of a white fluffy, sour sherbet encased in a hard lemon boiled sweet and tangy shell. Sherbet lemons are perfect for a fun sweet treat.  

  •   Aniseed balls – what a traditional retro sweets favourite we have here with the aniseed balls. The hard shiny shell and rich taste of aniseed flavour is what makes aniseed balls so popular and are just like a mini gobstopper, to keep all entire family quite – well for at least five minutes.

  •   Pear Drops - Fruit Flavour Boiled Retro Sweets

  •   Strawberry and Cream Flavour Boiled Retro Sweets

  •   Sweet Tobacco - Sugar Coated Chocolate Flavoured Coconut Strips

  • Aniseed Twists - Aniseed Flavour Boiled Sweets

  •   Coconut Mushrooms - These coconut mushrooms might be sweets but they really go down well with a nice cup of tea.

  •   Foam Bananas - Banana Flavoured Candy Shapes

  •   Original Retro Powdered Jelly Babies from Barratts

  •   Classic Retro Paper Sweet Bags

  •   Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles - Sour Fruit Flavour Jelly

  •   Chocolate Fish and Chips

  •   These white chocolate mice are a classic retro chocolate from the 80s.  

  •   Chocolate Tools - Deliciously Tasty Tool Shaped Milk Chocolate.  

  •    Retro Chocolate Ice Foil Cups

  •   Fizzy Cola Bottles – Fizzy, chewy and fun is the perfect way to describe these fizzy cola bottles. The fizzy cola bottles have to be among everyone’s number 1 favourite retro sweets and are highly popular with today’s generation as well. 

  •   Haribo Giant Stawberrys - These giant strawberry's are probably the most popular haribo sweet of all time.  

  •   Strawberry Flavour Milk Bottles Made By Lutti

  • Chocolate Buttons - Tasty melt in your mouth and highly addicitive.

  • White Chocolate Buttons- Melt in your mouth yumminess. Highly addictive, once you start you cant stop.

  • Milk Chocolate Jazzies- Milk Chocolate discs covered in tiny candy balls. An old school retro favourite 

  • Pink and White Chocolate Mice- another retro fave! 

  • Mini Burger Jellys from Trolli Sweets

Showing 1 - 81 of 81 items